Fly checklist for passengers

• Make sure on your journey before any trip
• Carry proper photo identification during travel
• Check your passports and ID ending dates before your journey
• Have knowledge about rules and regulations that relate to travelling with kids
• Know about rules and regulations that relate to travelling with pets
• Pack all your necessities or valuables in your carry-on suitcases, & not in your checked- luggage’s
• You have to be familiar with the custom regulations when you fly outside of Canada
• Put tags on your bags so that you can find your bags easily at baggage claim or when you lost it. You have to protect your bags from wandering eyes
• You must register 24 hours before to your flight and print your boarding pass when coming from home
• You must reach an airport at least 60 minutes before for domestic flight & 90 minutes before for international flight
• Be aware about flight status – know the changes or delays to your air travel schedule

Visa application:
   Most of the application for visa will be processed within few weeks or less, but the processing time will depend on visa office.

Visa applying process
   After sending your application, visa office will analyze it to ensure it is complete & it contains all the necessary documents. When your application is unfinished, processing will not be done & it will be sent back to you. If your visa application is complete, visa office will inquire you for following:

Medical exam
   You will require medical exam to allow you to enter Canada. When you do, visa office will give you instructions. When you require medical exam, this will take longer time to process your visa application as you have to get an appointment from Doctor and he needs time to send results back.

Police certificate
   Sometimes, you will be asked to give police certificate for yourself. Visa office will connect with you when they need this certificate.

   When visa officer makes a plan for interview, visa office will call you to provide time and place. But, most of the decisions are done without any interviews. Return of your documents Once visa officer has evaluated your visa application, your passports & other original papers will be given back to you.

If your visa application is approved
Visa will be printed inside your passport
When your visa application is refused
When your visa application is rejected, you’ll get explanation why application was refused.

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