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Passport Application

   Canadian passport are distributed to people who can confirm their Canadian nationality.
   Having Canadian passport permits the holders freedom to move & right to live and work in Canada. The most general travel document given to Canadian nationals is Canada passports. If you have Canadian passport, it is said to be big handiness because it exempts Canadian citizens to apply for visas to take a trip to many other countries as Canada is having many mutual visa waiver across the world. When you apply for passport, it takes several months to complete your passport process applications. An application has to be signed by both guarantor and applicant.
   We provide outstanding services to the people for getting their passport. Once you give all required documents clearly, we work on the process of getting Canadian passport. Our Airline Center team is fully knowledgeable and they make your work process easier. We provide Passport application for:
• New-born babies
• Kids
• Adults
• Women under 18 years of age
• Passport renewal process

Passport application for Kids
   If you want to apply for your child's Canadian passport, our Airline Center provides excellent help in application process. The things that is needed for the child application process is given below:
• The person applying for Canadian passport has to give certain documents along with their application:
• A proof of migration status within Canada like status of your protected person document, landing record or else temporary resident permit (only originals)
• Minimum 1 extra identity document bearing applicant name & signature, provided by any level of foreign or Canadian government
• Two passport photographs, one should be signed by guarantor which meet the technical terms & standards listed within passport application form
• Any expired or valid travel document provided to applicant, if applicable (only originals)

Passport application for new-born babies
   New-born babies should have passports with their own name. Getting passport for infants is not just easy; our Airline Center helps to get passport for new-born babies in easy manner.
• Fully filled passport application form
• Certified birth certificate
• Passport of parents
• Parents’ household registration certificate or marriage certificate with parent’s marriage registration in 3 months
• Two identical passport photographs of the baby

Passport application for adults
   Once after the completion of application assessment with supporting documentation, passport will be issued within few business working days. But, the security & verification checks may take longer processing times. For adult, the following documents are much essential:
• Canadian citizenship proof (original)
• Passport of other nationality – If it is applicable
• Minimum one valid document for supporting identity
• Two identical passport photographs, one should be certified & verified by guarantor
• Written clarification for why you’re applying for passport at this time
• Filled adult passport application form
• Photocopy and Original of birth certificate

Passport application for women under-18
   For women under-18, the following documents are much essential:
• An application letter should be written with the sign of a Childs parents
• A filled passport application form with child name written in the given box
• Photocopies of parents passports or identity cards
• Birth certificate of child
• Two passport size photographs with white background
• Passport fee payment

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